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Episode 100 Science Fiction’s favorite Robots and Androids

For our 100th Live episode, we look at some of science fictions best loved androids and robots.  From the Robot in Lost in Space to Robby the Robot in The Forbidden Planet to the beloved R2-D2, we look at them all. Add to this the regular panel and Mara Jade’s comic segment, we have a […]

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Episode 72 SciFi’s Greatest Vehicles and Vessels

Logan and his verbal panel bring the topic of the greatest Science Fiction ships, vessels, and vehicles to the airwaves. Looking through all eras of science fiction, which was the greatest? Where does The Doctor’s TARDIS compare to Lost in Space’s Jupiter 2? How does the Battlestar Galactica stand next the Star Trek’s U.S.S. Enterprise? […]

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Episode 70 SciFi’s Top TV Series

In this episode Logan and his panel discuss some of the best of Science Fiction TV series.  What was tops?  Did The Doctor have the right prescription in Doctor Who?  Will Spock forever Live Long and Prosper in Star Trek?  Or do those pesky Human Cylons beat down humanity in Battlestar Galactica? We talk these […]

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