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Episode 133 Gears Of War 3, Minecraft 1.9, and more

This episode starts with technical difficulties and continues with them. Logan opens (or does he??) with gaming news for Star Wars Knight of The Old Republic and DC Universe Online. the Squid Lord then reviews Drive while Logan brings us Abduction. Ian TheSixthDoctor gives his thoughts on X-Men First Class. We then move into minecraft […]

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Post 128 Conan the Barbarian; WM3, From Dust

This episode we had a lot of callers. I guess they all wanted to talk about a certain Barbarian. We start off with an on air announcement that our own ScottishPearl is expecting her second child (SquidLord is pretty sure it isn’t his). Squid then tries to get some of our female callers to pose […]

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Episode 93 The Video Game Awards

In this episode, Logan and the panel start off with Mara Jade’s comic discussion of Green Lantern Emerald Warrior.  Does Guy Gardner have what it takes to carry a series? We then go into the Spike TV Video Game Awards and the winners. Who won and does the panel agree with the decisions?  We also […]

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Episode 77 Great Multi-player Online Games

This episode Logan and the panel discuss some movie and gaming news, to update you the fans with what you need to know. Then they move into the Main Topic, by asking “What are some of the greatest online multiplayer games?” We discuss some of the older games, some MMOs like World of Warcraft, City […]

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