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Post 121 Falling Skies

This episode we start off with the comic report from The Marvelous MaraJade of http://thesecretlifeofcomicbooks.blogspot.com/ . She discusses the week’s comics and her thoughts. We also briefly debate the Ultimate decision of killing off Ultimate Spider-Man in The Death of Spider-Man. I also suggest you check out her comic blog for regular insights of wisdom. […]

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Post 118 X-Men: First Class and the DC Comics Reboot

This x-plosive, action packed episode we look at the news from DC Comics of a complete #1 reboot of all titles. This is brought to us in the weekly comic segment from The lovely Marajade.  We then look at the new flick X-Men First Class starring Michael Fassbender,  James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawerence. How does […]

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Episode 107 Comics, movies and more

  In this week’s entry to The Media Outsiders, we had a lot of discussions of superhero movies. We start off with MaraJade’s comic segment. Discussed was Cinderella: Fables are Forever. Mara also brings forth the new image of Adrianne Palicki as TV’s new Wonder Woman. We discussed the pros (were there any?) and the […]

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Episode 106 TV’s Greatest Finales

Tonight we say goodbye….as in TV’s top finales. We start off with MaraJade’s weekly comic review.  Be sure to check out her blog site at http://thesecretlifeofcomicbooks.blogspot.com for her thoughts on the world of comics. We then get into our main topic , TV’s Greatest Finales. We look at MASH, Cheers, the Star Trek franchise finales, […]

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