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Episode 110 The Media Outsiders Recasts “Star Wars”

This episode almost didn’t go on. Please endure as you hear a horrible sounding Logan, who had to call in on a cell phone due to his ISP failing this weekend. That is why he HATES Windstream. MaraJade returns with her comic segment, looking at issue 23 of Brightest Day. We also ask her thoughts […]

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Episode 105 Charlie Sheen; The Adjustment Bureau, More Minecrafting

In this episode, Logan, The Squid Lord, BunnyFlower, and MaraJade discuss a wide variety of topics. MaraJade starts us off with her comic segment, focusing on DC Comics’ Brightest Day #21 and what happens to The Martian Manhunter. She also tells us that she is AGAIN playing a game while on the air, this time […]

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