Stargate Universe s02e20 “Gauntlet:the series finale”

Well all good things must come to an end, so sadly so it must be with Stargate Universe.  As fans, the panel that joins Logan each week can be critical, but that is because we love science fiction.  In all the reviews and recaps I have done on this show, I have never once felt that the actors who were involved…Robert Carlyle, Alaina Huffman, Brian J. Smith, David Blue, Louis Ferreira, Elyse Levesque, Jamil Walker Smith, Ming-Na and all the rest, did a poor job in performance they presented.  The set designers, special effects artists, and crew also deserve standing ovations. While I do wonder about some of the writing of the series and the common sense of some plots, I also understand that the writers had their hands ties by the network. And due to the insane business plots of the network, the Stargate franchise has come to an end after 14 years.

The real fault in SGU’s cancellation falls directly in the lap of NBC Universal and SyFy.  Syfy has taken a thought that scifi won’t get good ratings, and is doing their best to ruin the brand that is well loved.  With the grievous error of bring wrestling to the SyFy network and playing musical chairs with television show, this only proves that the network would be more efficiently ruin by 2 chimps in short shorts. Then again, maybe the network is being run that way.

This episode joining us on the air are The Squid Lord, Rand al’Thor, Nelal Hurcran and entropy11. Tanith, Scottishpearl, and a number of guest joined the chat action, as we all shared our thoughts of the finale, which sadly was not one of the best. What can you expect from a cliffhanger, anyways. We also touch on alternate endings and some of the brainstorming plots the writers had

It is also the end of the SciFi Edition for a while. I have decided to take at least a 2 month hiatus until the July premier of the series Warehouse 13, Eureka, and the new series Alphas. The SciFi Edition was the brain child of Dr. Robert White and we decided to use the already established format of TMO to air the recaps. With Dr. White stepping aside due to his new pastoral obligations, I am not sure if we will return with the Saturday night show. The main Sunday night edition The Media Outsiders will continue as normal each week.

In honor and farewell to a excellent and beloved cast, we present this final picture of the cast of Stargate Universe

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