Stargate Universe s02e18 and e19 “Epilogue” and “Blockade”

In the penultimate recap of the SyFy original series Stargate Universe, we again recap two episodes, “Epilogue” and “Blockade”. As we wrap up the descendants of Destiny storyline and continue to flee from the drones, what does the panel think of these final episodes??  The later half of the episode turned into more of a heated debate on where the series might have gone wrong, and more importantly what SyFy did wrong in relations to the Stargate franchise.

Joining us on the air was TheSquidLord, RickWall, Jhuddle, and EbonStorm, with our beloved producer mballie, scottishpearl, and nelal hurcran in the chatroom.

Next week we say goodbye to Stargate Universe and to the franchise as a whole. Logan will also have a special message to SyFy at the end and a final announcement.

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