Syfy Cancels Stargate Universe

This week we were planning on reviewing the first half of season 2 on Stargate Universe. That is until Syfy decided to announce they were making the asinine move to cancel this third entry into the Stargate franchise. As General Jack O’Neill would say: “Syfy, you NIT!!!”

With our largest room to discuss our thoughts on the cancellation, we have Dr. Robert White, The Squid Lord, Nelal Hurcran, Rand al’Thor, DigitalAnomaly, Major Davis, and Robert Wentz on the call. Add 50 in the chat including our friends from Hiatus Project and it is a full episode with not to pleasant thoughts towards Syfy. This network will be getting coal from Santa this year.

Download this episode and share it with your Stargate Universe fans. I will also be sending a copy of this to SyFy. If you would like to check the conversations held in our chat room during this who, you can enter our call ID 81865 at and see it all

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