Warehouse 13 s2e7 “For the Team”

With Pete still grounded after his delusions, Claudia gets her first mission in the “For the Team” episode of WAREHOUSE 13. A college wrestling team with a seven year losing streak is suddenly unstoppable and two teammates spontaneously combust. Myka and Claudia investigate, with some unexpected help from Helena G. Wells who claims to want to go back to work at the warehouse because it`s all she has left

In a very packed room this episode Logan and the panel discuss the return of H.G. Wells as well as the return of our missing co-host George.  The panel discuss the likes and dislikes and we can say that the series has gotten much much better since the episode “Around the Bend”.  Download to see what score we gave this epi and also to hear the off-the-wall conversations that follow.  It’s Entertainment Unleashed and unpredictable as always.

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