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Hitman Sniper Challenge May 20, 2012

Diablo 3 May 20, 2012

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary December 14, 2011

Saints Row The Third Parts 1 and 2 December 10, 2011

COD Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer “even pretty things suck sometimes. Don’t believe me? Ask your local prostitute.” Nov 10, 2011Gears of war 3 Sept 25, 2011Call of Duty Black Ops Villa Multiplayer July 17, 2011This is a “show in progress” of our weekly live show. This episode Logan tried his very first spirited drink, a red wine, on air.How to die on Uncharted 3 Beta July 8, 2011 Child of Eden, using the Xbox Kinect June 20, 2011Terraria Battle of the Eye of Cthulhu May 29, 2011L.A. noire Investigations May 23, 2011L.A. Noire May 22, 2011Minecraft: Surviving Day 1 May 18, 2011BRINK Challenges “Tower Defense” May 15, 2011

BRINK challenges “Escort Duty” May 14, 2011BRINK challenges “Be More Objective” and Parkour This” as played by Logan May 14, 2011Episode 3 Logan and The Squid Lord play Brink on Day 1 May 11, 2011

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