About The Hosts

Bruce “Logan” Pringlemeir is the creator and host of first the top rated Logan’s Run Live and then the re-imaged The Media Outsiders. Logan has been podcasting since 2007, broadcasting about media, entertainment, and video gamers. Logan has always been a gamer, all the way back to the original Pong (yes kiddies, he is THAT old). Logan also has years of broadcasting exerience, from high school and college journalism and broadcasting to interning for NBC in the mid 80s

Logan is an ordained minister and has spent his life as a youth pastor/leader since 1985 in a number of churches and states in the United States of America. He has also worked as a Residential Houseparent in two children’s Homes in Central Texas. Very rewarding work with children and gamers in need.

In 2004 after suffering a massive heart attack and resulting 3 heart operations, and a crippled leg, Logan has been forced to live on limited income on social security disability. He continues to try to help others in need, setting up an online support and counseling ministry to direct those in need to the correct avenue or agencies to meet their needs. Logan also works to assist other podcasters and broadcasters as they desire to learn more about online broadcasting.

Ok, what can you say about The Squid Lord??? He is the person who says what you want to say but were afraid to. And while most on TMO will now call him “co-host”, never let him hear you say those words. According to him he is “head panelist”. There is no censoring SquidLord once he gets rolling, but it is always interesting and enjoyable. You can find him in all his glory on TalkShoe’s Squid’s Redoubt: Operation BSU
Megan is our show producer. It is her job to keep Logan on track, and offer moral support. Megan is expecting her first child, and daughter named Madison Rose along with her husband. You can find Megan or her husband playing on Xbox Live under the user name SgtMjrDeath The Lovely Tiffany is the show’s announcer. The number one question Logan is asked is “Is Tiffany real?” She is a co-worker along side Logan. Tiffany and her husband are avid gamers and you can find Tiffany playing on Xbox Live as Beautiful Agony
Sherry, also known as MalibuNextYear is a regular contributor to The SyFy Edition, especially when Stargate Universe is on. There is a reason for that, her son Brian J. Smith is one of the stars of the series. You can frequently find Sherry also online at the Hiatus Project at http://colonelez.net/ George Gilmore known as Coldlimit1972 has been with the show since the start as co-host. A family man, business man and avid gamer, you can find him on XBox live as Coldlimit1972
Rand Al’Thor AKA Mike is one of our co-hosts on The Media Outsiders Main show. Mike is a avid Doctor Who fan, loves anime, Ninendo Wii and Pokemon. Mike hosts The RaT Project Live and also Radio Free Caemyln on TalkShoe and is a welcomed addition to The Media Outsidersas our resident Wii and anime expert Dave Cooper or known online as DaveAC is a regular contributor and friend the The Media Outsiders. Dave resides in England and joins us when time permits. He is a life long Doctor Who fan and co-hosts the TalkShoe podcast The Cultdom Collective. Dave is also involved in a number of other TalkShoe shows, and is well known as a wine connoisseur.
Dr Robert White is co-host of The SyFy Edition and the one who brainstormed the syFy into existance.  Rob is also an ordained minister

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