The Hosts

Bruce “Logan” Pringlemeir
Creator, Host

Logan is the creator and hostĀ of first the top rated Logan’s Run Live and then the re-imaged The Media Outsiders. Logan has been podcasting since 2007, broadcasting about media, entertainment, and video gamers. Logan has always been an avid gamer, all the way back to the original Pong (yes kiddies, he is THAT old). Logan also has years of broadcasting exerience, from high school and college journalism and broadcasting to interning for NBC in the mid 80s. Logan has been an ordained minister for 20+ years.

Alexander Williams
Co-Host Emeritus; “Head Panelist”

What can you say about The Squid Lord??? He is the person who says what you want to say but were afraid to. And while most on TMO will now call him “co-host”, never let him hear you say those words. According to him he is “head panelist”. There is no censoring SquidLord once he gets rolling, but it is always interesting and enjoyable. You can find him in all his glory on TalkShoe’s Squid’s Redoubt: Operation BSU. Like a certain polterguise, if we chant his name three times, he might just appear.

Dave “Ed” Ward

Ed is the co-host of The Media Outsiders. He has over 20 years of experience as a professional DJ and technology consultant. He also does occasional work as a voice over artist for local and national media. Ed is an ’80s nut, semi-avid gamer, and watcher of too much TV. He’ll try any videogame, though he’ll never claim to be an expert at ANY of them. (So don’t ask for tips). He also claims to have seen “Back to the Future” more times than any human should.

The Lovely Megan
Producer, Annoucer
Megan, a long time friend of Logan’s, sets up interviews, keeps Logan on track, and at times can be the little Jimminey Cricket perched on his shoulder.
The Lovely Tiffany was the show’s first announcer. The number one question Logan is asked is “Is Tiffany real?” She was a co-worker along side Logan. Tiffany and her husband are avid gamers and you can find Tiffany playing on Xbox Live as Beautiful Agony
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