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TMO 265 Ex Machina

Coming out of nowhere is the hit Ex Machina. Starring Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and Sonoya Mizuno. Ex Machina tells the story of a programmer who is invited by his employer to administer the Turing test to an android with artificial intelligence. Logan gives his thoughts on this thoughtful film Play in […]

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TMO 262 James Swift and Jeremy Morey

This week we have our friend from Fox’s Utopia James “Fifi Frost” Swift return for his fourth visit, and he brought a friend. Welcome Jeremy Morey of Utopia to TMO. James recaps his weekend with the Reality Rally in California. This is a breast cancer reality star fundraiser, that saw 150 reality stars participate, raising […]

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TMO 261 SimCity is dead….long live Cities

This week Logan has the regular media based news, excitiment and more. We also look at the recently releashed PC games Cities Skyline. Skylines is the newest city-building simulator game out, and how does it stack up with the SimCity franchise? Play in new window | Download

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TMO 260 “Oh, no! My hands are in the air like I just do not care!”

Jim Parsons and Rihanna open a new film from Dreamworks….Home. Set to be a children’s favorite this spring break, what did Logan think of the matinee with 250 elementary school children? The SquidLord is back with some video game news and Logan and TheNameIsEd led the panel in this week’s discussions. Play in new […]

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TMO 259 The Flash is Out of Time

We see the return of Carmen Price, Kindar, and Co-host Emeritus The Squid Lord, all joining Logan and HisnameisEd. this week we get in-depth with The Flash episode 15 Out of Time. We break it all down, so expect SPOILERS. Also we look at Insurgent. Play in new window | Download

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TMO 258 “I can’t drive, I’m a goose”

We review the new live action version of the Disney classic, Cinderella. Also we discuss the TMO/Operation BSU homeworld Live Streaming event that was recented conducted by Bruce (Logan) Pringlemeir and The SquidLord Alexander Williams Play in new window | Download

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