Post 174 The Dark Knight Rises

This week has been a busy week. We start off with the fact that this summer has been filled with Superheroes…The Avenegers…Spider-Man…..The Dark Knight. But the real heroes were those who shielded their loved ones in a Aurora Colorado Movie Theater July 20. We will remember them.

Jackie Earle Haley has been cast in the new RoboCop flick coming in 2012, as Maddox, the man who trains Robo. Why does a Cyborg need training??

Logan rants about The Dark Knight Rises and how Christopher Nolan destroys the 70 year history of two of the characters. What is shown is completely out of character, that it is not Batman. Besides this, what does Logan think of the film? How does Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy and Joseph Godon-Levitt do? This review is spoiler free for those who have not seen the film.

We also look at the series finale of SyFy’s Eureka, Squid and NascentSelf review Moonrise Kingdom and Squid reviews the new Google Nexus 7 Tablet. We also receive a surprise visit from a well known celebrity…or do we??

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On the Air: The Squid Lord, Nelal Hurcran, Pie, NascentSelf, The 7th Doctor, TakeiG, and joined in the chat by Movie Mavericks and Michigan Jim

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