Post 168 Lupus Interview; Snow White and the Huntsman

This episode is a little different from the norm. I have been friends online with Jessica Curtis for about 5 years and have known that she struggles with the disease Lupus, a long-term autoimmune disorder. Jess has organized a special charity fundraiser for the Lupus foundation in Rolla Missouri for June 10, 2012 called The Walk for Lupus Now
So we wanted to help support and try to get the word out about Lupus and it was a great show with great questions.

After Jess left, we had our regular news, with the passing of actor Richard Dawson and our review of Snow White and the Huntsman. The episode ended with some gaming news.

On The Air: Jessica Curtis, The Squid Lord, Nelal Hurcran, ScottishPearl, Cranky Yank, Pie, Katherine Boone, DaveAC, Ian The Sixth Doctor, KoolGuy

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