Post 163 Guild Wars 2 Beta LIVE event

This week we have a very special event. TMO hosted it’s first live Google Plus Hangout while on the air. Logan started off with the news, including that Leonard Nimoy MIGHT be in the new Star Trek 2 that is currently filming.

We then go to The Squid Lord live who has been beta testing the new mmo Guild Wars 2. He screenshared on G+ Hangout and allowed the hangers and callers to set his actions. The video is below and while there were a few glitches, I think I have it synced pretty well. If this is a success, we may have more in this style.

On the Air: the Squid Lord, Katherine Boone, DaveAC, the Sixth Doctor, Nelal Hurcran, Pie, and 31 in the Google Hangout.

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