Post 161 Titanic 3D, GCB

This week we had a rather heated episode. It starts off normally, with Logan offering the movie and gaming news, including news on X-Men:First Class 2, The Hunger Games, Eddie Murphy is the Twins’ sequel Triplet and Mass Effect 3 updates.

Logan then gives a spoilerish review of Titanic 3D, in which he informs the audience that the ship sinks. It is during the segment on GCB that it falls apart. Logan was challeneged to watch 2 episodes of this new ABC series about “good, Christian bitches”. What happens in his review is a heated 20 minutes arguement with a caller.

We finish out with The Squid Lord and Logan continuing the discuss Game of Thrones season 2.

On the air with Logan: The Squid Lord, RickWall, KoolGuy, Katherine Boone, and NascentSelf.

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