Post 154 Ghost Rider vs This Means War

This week we have a full show with two movies to review and a game demo. After our news segment, with updates on Transformers 4, I am Legend, and DC’s Teen Titans, Logan moves into the game review.

This week the review is the new Bioware video game Mass Effect 3, with the demo available on Xbox 360. What new additions to the game play does Logan find? How does the Kinect Voice Recognition work? When is it out and is it worth the price of $59.99?

Next Logan and The Squid Lord discuss the new Nicholas Cage film Ghost Ride Spirit of Vengeance. How does it fare in comparison to the first film? Does the Squid Lord, a dedicated GR fan, give it 2 tentacles up?

We finish off with a spoiler free review of the new Chris Pine Reese Witherspoon film This Means War. It will be said Logan really enjoyed this spy vs spy Romantic Comedy. Download for the full review.

On the air: The Squid Lord and Rick Wall

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