Post 153 Star Wars The Phantom Menance 3D; “Who Shot First?”

This week as Logan continues to get stronger from his surgery, he makes it out to view a movie. With Star Wars finally hitting 3D, how can we not review it? So how does the 3D conversion of a 13 year old Episode 1 do in the theaters? Is it worth the ticket price? Logan lets you know his thoughts.

Logan then brings up the recent press release of George Lucas that despite what fans know for a fact and remember, Greedo shot first in the original Star Wars film in 1977. Lucas is trying to tell fanbs that despite what their eyes tell them, Greedo shot first, which the original clips I include below proves otherwise. We discuss this topic on the air.

Joining us on the air were: The Squid Lord, KoolGuy, Rick Wall, Rand al’Thor, and DaveAC

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