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Post 142 Muppet Mayhem and more

In this episode we were looking at doing a segment, but have postponed it til next week. Our Dashing Host Logan is joined by The Squid Lord, The SixthDoctor, DaveAC, KissofJudas (a new listener to the show) Rand al’Thor, Koolguy and Jhuddle  who all discussed the latest in games, and movies, while our producer The […]

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Post 141 Minecraft Retail Release, Assassin’s Creed Revelation

It is here…….after all this time……Minecraft 1.0, the official retail release hit Nov 18, 2011. And guess what, if you have played the pre-releases, it is the same. The SquidLord, ScottishPearl, KoolGuy and Logan discuss games like Star Wars The Old Republic, Assassin’s Creed Reveltaion and more in this episode of The Media Outsiders. […]

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Post 140 Green Lantern The Animated Series

This episode we are short a number of beloved cast, but a faithful fan Darth Skeptical calls in and we discuss the newest in the DC Universe Animated series, Green Lantern The Animated Series. Starring Josh Keaton as Hal Jordan, this series by Bruce Timm shows Hal lost in The Frontier Space with fellow Lantern […]

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