episode 135 Farewell to Steve Jobs

This week we start off the show with a sad farewell to a visionary inventor, Apple’s Steve Jobs. The Man In the Black Turtle Neck passed away October 5, 2011 after a long battle with cancer. We discuss his impact and life here with views and thoughts from the callers.

We then look at more Minecraft pre-releases, Battlefield 3 Beta, and Logan finishes off with a spoiler free review of Hugh Jackman’s new flick “Real Steel”. What did Logan think of this film, which could be considered a live action Rock em Sock em Robots?

On the Air: The Squid Lord, KoolGuy, DaveAC, The Sixth Doctor, uubergeek, and Rand Al’Thor. Plus a good crowd in the chat room for this fun, exciting episode of The Media Outsiders

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