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Post 138 In Time, Battlefield 3

First a disclaimer: due to PC issues, Logan’s audio is crappy this week. Please try to endure and makybe The Squid Lord will entertain. This week the crew looks at the new Justin Timberlake flick “In Time” which also stars Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Logan’s favorite actress Olivia Wilde and Vincent Kartheiser. Does Timberlake have […]

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Post 137 Batman and Beyond

Do you see the beautiful picture of Batman breaking bones and kicking butt above? It is from the newest game Batman Arkham City and we ……didn’t talk about it. Sorry kiddies, the pic is all you get. Most of our regulars were off having random sex (that’s what Squid Lord claims) so Logan, ScottishPearl, NascentSelf […]

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Episode 134 Star Wars The Old Republic with Chris Campbell

A long time ago in a galaxy far, farm away……. The Media Outsiders has technical issues. but nothing new there. Tonight after a late start, we welcome special guest Chris Campbell of to discuss the new MMO Star Wars The Old Republic. Chris has the privilege of behind the scenes tours of BioWare and […]

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