Post 129 Best Doctor Who Moments

This week Logan and his Companions look at the best moments from the new Doctor Who. We cover the 9th to 11th Doctors. It starts off with Logan having a “squidLord” style rant (bleeding eyeballs and all) over the newest episode of Doctor Who called “Lets Kill Hitler”. We then open up the lines for the callers to share their favorite Who moments.

We then touch base on SciFi Tech that has become real. We discuss cell phones first seen as communicators; flat screen TVs, GPS; HUDs and more. The SquidLord closes the episode with some insight into the new video game “Microscope”

On the Air: Rand al’Thor, DaveAC, TheSixthDoctor, ScottishPearl, The Cranky Yank, Guest 4, and The Squid lord. This show also sees the long awaited return of producer Megan who has been suffer through another pregnancy and it’s related sickness.

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