Post 128 Conan the Barbarian; WM3, From Dust

This episode we had a lot of callers. I guess they all wanted to talk about a certain Barbarian. We start off with an on air announcement that our own ScottishPearl is expecting her second child (SquidLord is pretty sure it isn’t his). Squid then tries to get some of our female callers to pose nude for him and the show goes downhill from there until Logan offers a spoiler free review of the new film starring Jason Momoa as Conan. Logan has never seen any Conan film, so what did he think about this one?

The Squid Lord then offers up some new game reviews, including From Dust, a new God game along the lines of the old Black and White PC games of years back We finish off with discussion of the release of The West Memphis Three after 18 years in prison for the murder of 3 cub scouts in 1993. What did the caller think of this decision and what will happen. All this and more on this week’s episode of The Media Outsiders.

On Air: The Squid Lord; NascentSelf, ScottishPearl, Rand Al’Thor; RickWall; and KoolGuy,

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