Post 127 The Captains, Strippers and “Perverted Old Men”

This is a very interesting episode. In short Logan and the panel discuss William Shatner’s new documentary The Captains, and then to follow up with “Who is your favorite Captain?”. The next segment is really interesting. This past week The Media Outsiders was insulted by a former friend of Logan’s, calling everyone on the show “pervert old men”. This person apparently included the women, including a friend of theirs in this category. So we discuss this insult, which is more interesting is the fact the insulter now works selling her body as a stripper to real pervert old men. We invited her to come on the show, but got no reply. You can hear the reactions and comments from the “perverted old men and she-men” on this week’s episode.

Perverted Old Men on the air:
NascentSelf (a female “perverted old man”); rand Al’Thor, Rickwall, TheSixthDoctor, Scottishpearl (another female “perverted old man”), Daveac (just an old man), NelalHurcran, DarthSkeptical, Koolguy, Flickguy, and the REAL pervert one….The SquidLord.

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