Post 120 All Things Green Lantern


To say that Bruce “Logan” Pringlemeir is a Green Lantern fan would be an understatement. He broadcasts each show with a Green Lantern Power Ring on. So this episode we discuss the new movie Green Lantern. Despite negative critic reviews, what did Logan and the fans think? Is there a chance for a sequel, or is DC doomed to only make Batman and Superman films?

Logan then reviews the animated film Green Lantern Emerald Knights starring Nathan Fillion and Elisabeth Moss. Filmed along the same 6 subplot storyline as Batman Gotham Knights, what was the opinion of this latest DC Original Animated Film?

Last Logan reviews the video game Green Lantern Rise of the Manhunters. How does this comic book movie based game fair amoung the other bombs like the Thor and Iron Man games?

Logan also introduces the listeners to a new website he has come across this week and wishes to promote… The blogger loves comics and it shows. Go support her site and let her know The Media Outsiders sent you. On air this evening was MaraJade, ScottishPearl, Nelal Hurcran, RickWall, DaveAC, and The Squid Lord

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