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Episode 104 A Newbie reviews Battlestar Galactica

Tonight we start with Mara Jade’s comic review. We get into some lively discussion about the world of comics and comic book movies. Then we welcome a personal friend of Logan’s, Tammy, who wants to discuss the Ronald D Moore franchise Battlestar Galactica. The panel joins in with the fine points and weakest links from […]

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Episode 103 SciFi’s Greatest Catch Phrases

In this week’s episode the panel discusses the greatest in Science Fiction Catch Phrases. From “Beam me up Scotty” to “May the Force be with You” We cover it all.  We also have our segments on news, movies, comics and more. Play in new window | Download

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Episode 102 Battlestar Galactica Online

In this episode Logan and the Panel discuss the new MMO beta Battlestar Galactica Online. Here you can play as a Cylon or Colonial Pilot from the Ronald D Moore version of Battlestar Galactica. Mine, fly and fight in this persistant massively multiplayer game. Logan then bombs out on his new segment “Things that Drive […]

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