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Episode 100 Science Fiction’s favorite Robots and Androids

For our 100th Live episode, we look at some of science fictions best loved androids and robots.  From the Robot in Lost in Space to Robby the Robot in The Forbidden Planet to the beloved R2-D2, we look at them all. Add to this the regular panel and Mara Jade’s comic segment, we have a […]

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Episode 99 LBP2, Skins and more

This episode Logan and friends looks briefly at the game Little Big Planet 2, which released this week. We also have the Lovely Mara Jade with our regular comic segment, discussing Brightest Day. The crew then takes a skinny dip….sorry kidding, it would be too traumatizing to have The Squid Lord skinny dipping, but we […]

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Episode 98 Full DCUO Interview with Apple

As we get closer to the 100th LIVE episode, we interview Apple, founder and webmaster of . Logan and the panel discuss the newly released massively multiplayer online game DC Universe Online. Like City of Heroes, you get to enter the world of Metropolis and Gothom City as a new character, fighting for justice […]

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Episode 97 Top Superhero Movie Moments

This week Logan and the panel look at the most loved Superhero movie moments in film. MaraJade first brings us his continuing comic segment, featuring the second issue of Spider-Girl. What does she think of the second issue, is it still great as the first was? We then move into the main topic. Superman’s saving […]

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