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Episode 95 DC Universe Online; Open Mic Game Discussions

On the day after Christmas, all gathered around the Christmas tree to hear The Media Outsiders talk games!!!  We start with Mara Jade’s comic segment, discussing the #700-706 issues of Superman. Logan and panel then look at the beta for DC Universe Online, the new MMO that releases on January 11, 2011.  What did Logan […]

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Episode 94 Tron Legacy; 501st Legion; Christmas Specials

In this episode Logan, Rand al’Thor and Mara Jade cover comics and more, in the absence of The Squid Lord.  We start with a recap of the comic series Fable and the Batman: the Road Home series.  Then Logan gives his spoiler free of the new weekend hit Tron Legacy. We then are joined by […]

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Episode 93 The Video Game Awards

In this episode, Logan and the panel start off with Mara Jade’s comic discussion of Green Lantern Emerald Warrior.  Does Guy Gardner have what it takes to carry a series? We then go into the Spike TV Video Game Awards and the winners. Who won and does the panel agree with the decisions?  We also […]

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Episode 92 The Women of Comics and Video Games

Tonight is Ladies night on The Media Outsiders!!! We look at the ladies well known from comic and gaming world. Our comic segment host Mara Whiteside, aka Mara Jade, brings an update with Batwoman, then stays for the discussions on how women are viewed in the comic world. What are some of the greatest female […]

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