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Episode 87 Pokemon special

Anyone who has ever listened to The Media Outsiders knows that Logan would rather have a mouth full of root canals rather than talk Pokemon, but he sacrifices himself for his listeners this episode.  Download to hear Rand al’Thor and The Squid Lord discuss all things Pokemon…from the games, cards, cartoons, even to a fan […]

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Episode 86 Open Mic Mayhem

This episode we have one of our famed and beloved open mic free-for-alls. Any topic, any subject is welcomed and we got some fun discussion. We also looked at the media storm that covered the Chili Mine Rescues, as the whole world watched Play in new window | Download

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Episode 85 Minecraft

Tonight Logan and Panel look at the PC game that is sweeping the world…Minecraft.  Minecraft is an alpha based java game that the player digs and mines into the earth.  Using the collected resources, they can build anything they want. House. Forts. Rollercoasters.  It is a remarkable game.  I will include links to some of […]

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