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Episode 84 The Science of Stargate

In anticipation of the season two premiere of Stargate Universe, Logan and panel look at some of the scientific facts and blunders of the Stargate Franchise. Download this informative episode to hear one of our classic Squid Lord rants when it comes to the idea of science in Stargate Play in new window | […]

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Episode 83 Devil, Halo Reach, Battlestar Galactica

In this episode Logan and the panel look at the newest and LAST Bungie game to feature the Halo universe…Halo Reach. What does Logan think of this most recent addition. Then Logan does a spoiler free review of a movie that scared him to death..”Devil”. What is it about the M. Night flick that has […]

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Episode 82 Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

This episode Logan welcomes co-host George back to the fold and The SquidLord on the phones.  Tonight there is discussions of various videos games out and those to come, including Halo Reach. Then the main topic is Logan and George’s review of the new Activision video game Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. What did Logan and George […]

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