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Episode 80 Steam and Digital Distrubution; Video Games News

Logan and his panel of our co-host George, The Squid Lord, Graeme “The 2nd Doctor” Sheridan, FlickGuy and more joined in to discuss some Video Games news and reviews. Logan discusses his thoughts on the demo for Mafia II.  SquidLord then describes the digital distribution site STEAM and the benefits of joining and using. Does […]

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Episode 79 Superhero Live Action TV Series

This episode Logan and his panel of George, SquidLord, Ian The Sixth Doctor, Daveac, Rickwall, Nelal, and Darth Skeptical discuss some of TV’s live action Superhero series. Starting with Adventures of Superman, we look at the 60s Batman, the 70s with The Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, the Marvel Superheros series, and Wonder Woman. […]

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Episode 78 Great Movie Soundtracks

This episode Logan and his panel look at the greatest of movie soundtracks. Who is the top composer?  Hans Zimmer?  Danny Elfman with his Superhero themes like Batman and Spider-man?  Or John Williams and his classics like Star Wars, Superman, ET, and of course Jaws. We discuss them all and more. Logan also has movie […]

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The Media Outsiders wants YOU!!!

Hey folks, Logan here with the latest news from The Media Outsiders.  We want to invite all our faithful listeners and our new fans to join us on our official Twitter account @Logansrunpod. Here you will get up to date real time information on what is happening in the world of The Media Outsiders.  You […]

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