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Episode 71 Toy Story 3, Transformers War for Cybertron

This week Logan reviews a movie that has been 12 years in the making, the final installment of this classic franchise, Toy Story 3. What did Logan and Rand’Al Thor think of this movie, what emotions did it bring forth?  And why are grown men around the nation crying manly tears when watching this Pixar […]

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Episode 70 SciFi’s Top TV Series

In this episode Logan and his panel discuss some of the best of Science Fiction TV series.  What was tops?  Did The Doctor have the right prescription in Doctor Who?  Will Spock forever Live Long and Prosper in Star Trek?  Or do those pesky Human Cylons beat down humanity in Battlestar Galactica? We talk these […]

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Episode 68.5 Is it a Deja Vu??? Another Open Mic night!!!

Logan has another Open Mic night, a day after the last one?!? One Monday night, I, Logan, was ordered by my employer TalkShoe not to attend TalkShoe Support Live ( So one never to be knocked down, I have started a Monday Edition of The Media Outsiders. The Monday Mayhem is there as an open […]

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