Episode 56 “Hello, I’m the Doctor”

In this long episode Logan and George greet some friends who called in to discuss the history of the BBC series Doctor Who. For those who have been hiding under a rock since 1963, Doctor Who is a British scifi series about a time traveling alien called The Doctor, who along with his human traveling companions, go on a series of adventures. When the Doctor dies, or is mortally wounded, he regenerates into a new body and personality, but retains the same memories. Same Doctor, different look, thus allowing various actors to play the role. Since the series started in 1963, there have now been 10 actors as The Doctor, with Matt Smith taking over as The 11th Doctor this Easter weekend. So tonight we discuss the past Doctors, while looking forward to many more adventures to come

One of our regulars, Graeme, was not able to join us this show, but he sent in his thoughts on the Doctor Who series. I wanted to include those thoughts here:

What does Doctor Who mean to me.
Well That’s a question that all fans ask themselves from time to time. But for me it means endless possibilities. This was shown straight from the start and embodied by the Regeneration. Regeneration based on the Principle of Buddhism of the cycle of twelve Re-births, was basically a clever Idea to get around that the lead actor at the time, William Hartnell was leaving due to health problems, and they had to find a way to change the lead actor.
So William regenerated into Patrick Troughton, and to give others a chance here to speak about their favourite Doctors I’m going to stick with Patrick Troughton.
Despite the now very few available to watch episodes, the second doctor has become my firm favourite, despite that his reign finished a good three years before I was born. It was his appearances in the Five and subsequently Two Doctors titled episodes, because I was very much too young to remember the Three doctors; Which at the time Pricked my interest. Here was this clever Friendly Uncle type character, who looked for all intents and purposes like the missing third person from Abbott and Costello and Often referred to as the Cosmic Hobo.
It is now with the advent of DVD that I have been able to catch up with His adventures properly, oh and that lovely thing The Internet. Because despite his adventures being released on Video they were rather rare, and the ever unhelpful assistant who remarked ” Patrick Troughton” I do have a Hammer Horror film with him in it but no Doctor Who. What do want to watch that for? ” Of course this was before the Internet, and all the Shop assistant had was some old Unix terminal which had no mouse and menu’s were reached through Keystrokes.
My favourite surviving story, even though two of the episodes are reconstructed in animation, is the Invasion. This was an eight part story about how a Corporate Executive Tobias Vaughn thought he could take over the world by helping the Cybermen. It is a rather Straight forward Story compared with the Equally brilliant Mind Robber, which by its design was very Surreal. But the Invasion is the only Complete surviving story where UNIT can be seen in Early action.
To End I suppose the real reason I like the Second Doctors period more than any other is because of the of the way it moved Doctor Who forward, Despite the many Base under siege episodes. But Because the era in which it was made, Which produced a few of my favourite classic Sci-fi films and Programmes ever. A more innocent era I suppose, before all the big bangs and whistles of modern Sci-fi. And ended just before Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clark blew everybody’s mind as to what was possible in Sci-fi by releasing 2001 a Space Odyssey, and definitely long before Star Wars.
This was Sci-fi on a Shoe string Budget, with great story telling to help suspend the disbelief of the rather cheaply but brilliantly made sets, props, costumes and Special affects.
Sorry I couldn’t make it but my working week starts on a Sunday, but have fun with the Subject, of Doctor Who and the Regenerations.

A Scotman Abroad

Next Week: george and Logan will be reviewing some of the recent video game releases and then more open mic, including some Academy Award thoughts

Joining the show this week

  • Coldlimit1972, our co-host
  • Rand’al Thor, host of The RaTproject live
  • Robert
  • Guest 13
  • Robert-CarrieKing
  • Daveac, co-host of The Cultdom Collective
  • The 6th Doctor. co-host of The Cultdom Collective
  • Rick Wall
  • Darth Skeptical
  • Alexander Bradtner
  • Patti Serrano
  • The G-Man
  • SW Pennsylvania
  • MaxHeadroom6
  • Rowenth

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