Episode 53 Bioshock 2

In this week’s edition of the show heard coast to coast, nation to nation, Logan and George give their personal reviews of the new video game Bioshock 2. In the sequel to the 2007 Game of the Year, you return to the undersea ruined city of Rapture. 10 years after the last game, you awaken as the very first Big Daddy. As you explore the city, heading towards your final goal, you can use various weapons and plasmids to assist you. You will also have the moral decision of saving or harvesting ADAM from the Little Sisters you encounter. So find out what Logan and George think of this game. What did George think of the new multiplayer mode of the game, which includes Capture the Sister; Civil War; and your standard team battles.

George then gives his thoughts after completing the game Dante’s Inferno. What did George rename this game?? Is it more for kids or adults. Logan gave his thoughts a month ago in the Video Game Demos, how do they differ from George’s since he completed the game?

Logan then concludes with some game news, and we have a brief open mic segment. all the fun and sweetness, minus the calories in this weeks Logan’s Run. This week’s video clip is from the video game Bioshock 2, with an encounter with the game’s new adversary Big Sister

Next Week: next week Logan looks at the best and worst of MMORPGs, like World Of Warcraft and the rest

Joining the show this week

  • Gartex, our friendly co-host
  • Coldlimit1972, our Big Daddy co-host
  • Rand’al Thor, Host of The Rat Project Live Talkshoe ID 21129
  • G-Man, host of the new show All Things Common Talkshoe ID 72440
  • Megan, our now pregnant producer
  • Koolguy
  • Robert
  • Dooh
  • Rshackleford
  • GOrr
  • Central Arkansas
  • And Guest 7. 8. and 9

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