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Episode 49 The Simpsons 20 years later

This week we are proud to announce the return of our co-host Coldlimit1972 also known as George. George returns after a couple of month’s leave for personal reasons. And it was good timing as Logan was suffering horrible Internet connection due to the world worse Internet Service Provider Windstream. Logan brings some movie and television […]

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Episode 47 Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who Farewell

In this episode, Logan has to play solo, as the show’s cast are M.I.A. Then we are filled with technical difficulties, so it is a rough cut of Logan’s Run tonight. But thanks to the welcome appearance of regular listener Rand’Al Thor, Logan was not all alone. Logan reviews the new Guy Ritchie flick “Sherlock […]

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Celebrate Logan’s Run’s 50th Show With Interview Natalie Cunial

On January 24, 2010, Bruce “Logan” Pringlemeir, host of the Internet Radio Show “Logan’s Run” will be having his 50th show of the new series. To mark this event, Logan will be interviewing reality TV star Natalie Cunial of season 9’s Big Brother Til Death Do You Part. Natalie became well known as the bikini […]

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