Episode 46 The Decades Top Movies…according to Logan

In this last Big episode of 2009 and the decade, Logan and his cast of merry men (and Megan) discuss his list of the top movies of the decade. Now with so many outstanding movies, there are bound to be some that missed his list. But Logan discusses some great Oscar winning movies, some are lesser well known; and even a real life documentary. Logan has a list of 10, none in any particular order other than the first film, which most will agree needs to be on any list. Logan’s favorite film of the past decade is The Lord of The Ring trilogy. Tune in to see what else Logan has for his list, and what does the callers feel about it as well.

To end out our year, Logan has included one of the top viewed YouTube videos of the year. Coming in at #3 is the JK Wedding Entrance. Enjoy it below

Next Week: Logan hopes to have a movie review on the new flick “Sherlock Holmes” and also some video games news

Joining the show this week

  • Gartex, our friendly co-host

  • Mballie, our beloved producer

  • Merlin MCCarley

  • Rand’al Thor, host of The Rat Project Live Talkshoe ID 99345

  • PurpleCliff

  • Robert Saul

  • Highlander

  • DarthSkeptical

  • Donnalightwalker

  • John Stewart

  • And Guest 7, 8, and 9

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