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Episode 46 The Decades Top Movies…according to Logan

In this last Big episode of 2009 and the decade, Logan and his cast of merry men (and Megan) discuss his list of the top movies of the decade. Now with so many outstanding movies, there are bound to be some that missed his list. But Logan discusses some great Oscar winning movies, some are […]

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Episode 45 “Avatar”; Favorite Christmas films

This Sunday before Christmas, Logan had a lot to look into. We were sad to announce the sudden death of actress and singer Brittney Murphy, who passed away Sunday Dec 20, 2009 from a massive heart attack. Brittney was well known from “Clueless”, “8 Mile” and other movies. She was also the voice of Luane […]

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Stargate Universe Mid Season Recap

This week Logan and Dr. Rob discuss with our callers what has been happening in the first 10 episodes of SyFy’s Stargate Universe. What was some of the highlights? What episodes fell flat? Find out what everyone thinks right here. Logan then goes into some character recaps, with interview clips from the characters Eli Wallace, […]

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Episode 43 Ladies Rule….Female Gamers

Tonight on this special episode of Logan’s Run The Podcast, Logan and Gartex are surrounded by lovely lady gamers. With 44% of all video gamers being female, Logan interviews five avid gamers. So welcome Platinum, Tinkie, and Thallium from the clan and graveattraction and lil amy91 from clan. Graveattraction and Lil Amy91 are […]

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Stargate Universe 1×10 “Justice”

This week Logan and Dr. Rob White look at the Mid-Season finale of Stargate Universe with the episode “Justice”. With the hosts and callers all giving this show a high chevron ranking, what did well, what fell apart? What did you also think of the amazing cliffhanger ending? With this discussion and theories from the […]

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