Stargate Universe 1-5 “Light”

On this episode of Stargate Universe, Logan, Dr. Rob and George gaze into the episode “Light”. Were we last left our stranded voyagers, the Ancient vessel Destiny was on a collision course with a star. Without being able to correct the course, they crew pick 15 to survive on a shuttle by lottery.  What happens to those left behind? How matches up with whom? And the most important question: Did he know???

So join us to find the answers, hear the fun, and deal with the technical difficulties and podcrashers. We also discuss our ongoing contest, where you can make predictions on what will happen the rest of the season. Prizes will be awarded!!!…So download and join us in this episode featuring “Light”

Logan’s Run The Stargate Edition is recorded LIVE every Saturday night at 9pm central time

NEXT WEEK: The episode “Water” with Logan, Dr. Rob, and George, as the crew of Destiny seek, you guessed it……water.

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