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Episode 37 The Scare-tastic Halloween Special

Scream. Psycho. Nightmare on Elm Street. The Birds. Alien. Silence of the Lambs. PeeWee’s Big Adventure. These are all some of the greatest horror films made (and yes, PeeWee scares me). On this Halloween episode of Logan’s Run, very special guest host John (Gartex) Garcia reviews some of the classic horror films that have scared […]

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Stargate Universe 1-5 “Light”

On this episode of Stargate Universe, Logan, Dr. Rob and George gaze into the episode “Light”. Were we last left our stranded voyagers, the Ancient vessel Destiny was on a collision course with a star. Without being able to correct the course, they crew pick 15 to survive on a shuttle by lottery.  What happens […]

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Episode 36 The Destroyer Remo Williams

In this episode of Logan’s Run, Logan finally is able to broadcast his franchise series on the classic men’s adventure series, The Destroyer. Be introduced to Remo Williams, the enforcement arm of the ultra top secret US operation CURE, and his ancient trainer Chiun, the master of Sinanju. Logan discusses the 150 different adventure novels […]

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Stargate Universe episode 1×4 DARKNESS

On this episode of the out of this universe series, Stargate Universe, hosts Logan, Robert White and George look at the 4 episode Darkness. In the recap, we learn that the Ancient ship Destiny is losing all power. What will the stranded expedition do? Will Chloe continue to shower? Was Eli really making a “wrong […]

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STARGATE UNIVERSE Episodes 1-3 “Air”

Today Logan and fellow hosts George and Dr. Robert White of Talkshoesupportlive (Talkshoe ID 875) look at the new SyFy series Stargate Universe. SGU is the 2nd spin-off series to the Stargate Sg-1 franchise. We start off by giving a short history of the franchise, with the 1994 movie, the series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate […]

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Episode 35 The DC Universe

In tonight’s episode, Logan and George look at the series of straight-to-DVD movies based in the DC Universe. After a brief review of Superman:Doomsday; Justice League New Frontier; Batman Gotham Knight; Wonder Woman; and Green Lantern First Flight, Logan reviews the newest in the series, Superman Batman Public Enemies. What did Logan think of this […]

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