Episode 32 The Movie “9” and Rockband Beatles

Tonight on Logan’s Run, Logan welcomes a new member to the cast, Kelsie Lynn. Lynn brings a new voice and excitement to the show, and in the short time she has been calling in, has become a fan favorite.

Logan then reviews the new Shane Acker movie “9”, produced by Tim Burton and starring Elijah Woods. Can the rag-dolls survive the horrors of this post war world and the machines that rule? Did Logan think this movie rated a 9? Find out here.

George then reviews the new Rockband Beatles edition. How does it compare with previous release. Does it need some Help, or can you Get By With a Little Help? Take a trip to Yesterday with George’s review.

Logan then closes with the end of the television series King of the Hill. After 13 years this series finally aired its finale and we discuss the good and bad. All this and open mic brings a lot to Logan’s Run the Podcast

NEXT WEEK: Logan looks at the Marvel Franchise of movies, games and the future in “Make Mine Marvel”

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Joining the show this week:

  • Coldlimit1972, co-host and Beatle-maniac
  • Kelsie Lynn, our newest cast member, reporter and junior co-host
  • gartex, my friend John
  • Double K, host of Double Talk Radio Talkshoe ID 58563
  • Koolguy, Host of Tech/computers…do you need help ID 57327
  • ArgonsAssistant
  • BattleFrag91
  • Robert Saul, host of Night Views ID32263
  • mballie, our beloved Producer
  • Heatsinker
  • Tammyv2k
  • Alex Hanson, host of AlexHansonLive ID 46633
  • The Doctor
  • Spoof Cards
  • Anthony Harris
  • and Guest 11
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