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Episode 33 Make Mine Marvel

Tonight Logan goes solo without his co-hosts George and Kelsie Lynn. But thanks to Daveac and TheSixthDoctor of the podcast The Cultdom Collective for dropping in and helping out. Logan looks at the Marvel franchise of movies, from the very first 1944 Captain America to what to expect in the future. Logan and his guest […]

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Episode 32 The Movie “9” and Rockband Beatles

Tonight on Logan’s Run, Logan welcomes a new member to the cast, Kelsie Lynn. Lynn brings a new voice and excitement to the show, and in the short time she has been calling in, has become a fan favorite. Logan then reviews the new Shane Acker movie “9”, produced by Tim Burton and starring Elijah […]

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SPECIAL EPISODE 9/11 We will never forget

Tonight, on this 8th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Logan and his callers remember where they were, and what they think of the changes since. We remember the victims and heroes from the day that changes America forever Download the Episode (Right Click and Save Target As) Play in new window | […]

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Episode 31 Classic Movies Remade 3 Lost in Space

Danger Will Robinson Danger!!!! Logan’s Run is becoming popular. This week on the Talkshoe stats, Logan’s Run The Podcast broke the top 50 count at #48. This is out of 3000 plus shows on the air. Thanks to all our staff and callers who make this possible. Tonight Logan and his crew look into the […]

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