Episode 27 G.I.JOE:The Rise of Cobra; Gaming news and reviews

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In this episode Logan signs up for the live action adaption G.I. JOE:The Rise of Cobra. What did Logan, George and our very full room think of this movie based on the 80s children’s cartoon? Was it a worthy cast to fight the evils of Cobra? Find out here.

Logan then looks at the recently released demo for Batman Arkham Asylum on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Then we talk about some gaming news, including another delay for a long awaited game. George closes the show out with his review on Fallout 3’s newest downloadable content, Mothership Zeta. What did our faithful co-host think of this latest and reportedly last in a series of downloadable goodies?

Next Week: Logan breaks into the lock-down zone that is District 9. What will he think of this indie film, produced by Peter Jackson? We will find out next time

Joining the show this week:

  • Coldlimit1972, co-host and Snake Eye’s wannabe
  • Wendiigo, host of No Discernible Podcast Talkshoe ID 42467
  • gartex, my friend John on his very first call to the show
  • mballie, our dear friend Megan
  • Koolguy, Host of Tech/computers…do you need help ID 57327
  • Tammyv2k
  • Taker
  • The Doctor
  • heatsinker
  • Jethro
  • snootz4
  • purplecliff
  • Double k, host of Double Talk Radio Talkshoe ID 58563
  • Collitte
  • Jandt
  • and our unknown guests 9-17
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