Epi 259 The Flash epi 15 recap; Insurgent


We see the return of Carmen Price, Kindar, and Co-host Emeritus The Squid Lord, all joining Logan and HisnameisEd. this week we get in-depth with The Flash episode 15 Out of Time. We break it all down, so expect SPOILERS. Also we look at Insurgent.

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Epi 258 Cinderella


We review the new live action version of the Disney classic, Cinderella. Also we discuss the TMO/Operation BSU homeworld Live Streaming event that was recented conducted by Bruce (Logan) Pringlemeir and The SquidLord Alexander Williams

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Epi 257 Remembering Leonard Nimoy


This episode we remember a fantastic actor, Leonard nimoy, better know as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock

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Epi 256 The Duff; The Razzies; Special guest James Swift


James Swift from Utopia joins us tonight to discuss cyber-bullying. Bullying was a major topic in the new teen film The Duff, so we look at it. Also we discuss the results of the 2015 Razzies.

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Epi 255 Kingsmen The Secret Service, Jupiter Ascending


This episode we discuss the new films Kingsmen The Secret Service and also Jupiter Ascending. One was great, the other a great flop. which one is which?? Download to find out. Also Logan talks about the new alpha game Stranded Deep

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Epi 254 Taken 3 and American Sniper


Logan reviews Liam Neeson’s third entry in the Taken series, Taken 3. Can we all survive the glare of the Neeson? Also we discuss American Sniper, based on the life of the most lethal US sniper in histoy, Chris Kyle

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epi 253.5 aftershow with Hex VanIsles

This is the special continution of the show after it eneded. Hex sticks around for some fun.

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Epi 253 Utopia Special with Hex VanIsles


This week we have Logan’s favorite Utopian on the show….welcome Hex VanIsles from Detroit!!!. Download to hear Hex’s experiences as the first in the gates, and also one of the last out after cancelation. Callers ask and Hex answers!!!

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Epi 252 Utopia Special Kristen and James

tmo Kristen

This week Logan has some very special guests from the Fox reality Television shoe Utopia. Welcome Kristen Vanstrom and James Swift. Listen to them talk about the show. and what happened after the cancelation. Kristen and James answer questions from fans and callers.

We also have a special aftershow that follwered the main sshow with James. The recording can be found at the link below.


Live Aftershow with James Swift





Main episode




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Epi 251 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

images (1)

Micheal Bay produces a reboot of the classic TMNT movie franchise. Despite fears, Logan has to admit, it was not as bad as it could have been. One request, in the sequel, please remove the turtles noses and lips.

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